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Vine-therapy products claim healthy skin benefits

vine therapy skincare products

A large number of independent studies have agreed that an occasional glass of wine has great benefits for people’s health. But growing numbers of people have taken to wine not to enjoy drinking it but as a skin care product instead. This latest trend is named vinotherapy and enthusiasts say that using skin care products […]

Vine-therapy and the great benefits of grapes

vine therapy skincare products

Vine-therapy and the great benefits of grapes The science behind using grape stems, skins and seeds for vine therapy has been around since ancient times. Today vine-therapy has evolved and been refined, d‘vine skincare products contain high concentrations of ingredients extracted from grapes and wines. Red wine contains numerous antioxidants that help to protect us from […]

What are d’vine Skincare Products?

vine therapy skincare products

d’vine skincare products are created from the finest essences extracted from wine and grape seeds, its natural ingredients summon images of lush vineyards and romantic spas. The exclusive d’vine product line has combine the most effective concentrations of all the key elements and as a result users will experience amazing results. Indulge in the essence […]